the 2019 layered necklaces trend

the 2019 layered necklaces trend

Although this trend has been around for awhile, we have noticed a particular rise in all things OTT jewellery. Whether you are a lover of gold, silver, chunky or dainty pieces, you can now rock almost all of them together with this new trend.

It is time to give your ears a break from chunky hoop earrings and piercings that go up the entirity of your earlobe, for this season we are all about layered necklaces.

Pair statement pendants with dainty chokers or chunky chokers with dainty pendants. As long as your neck is covered and jingling, you’re doing something right. Take some inspiration from some of our favourite Instagram fashion bloggers below and easily master this season’s jewellery trend.

Julie Sarinana

Layered Necklace Trend 2019 | Harry and Gretel

Is this not the perfect summer vibe? Pieced with tonal white, cream or linen this is the ultimate cool girl, effortless attire. The coin trend as we are sure you are aware of, has been a popular addition to the pendant family as well as the 2018/19 pearl trend. If you can’t pick which necklace you love more, there is only one answer, wear all of them!

Ven’s Wife Style

Layered Necklace Trend 2019 | Harry and Gretel 2

Ven’s Wife Style, otherwise known as Renata Jazdzyk proved to us the chunkier the jewellery the better! Teaming three statement pendants above and below one another as well as rocking both silver and gold pieces. We can’t get enough of this distinct and personalised look.

Camille Charriere

Layered Necklace Trend 2019 | Harry and Gretel 3

We love this OTT look! Camille Charriere, style guru and blonde bombshell knows a trend when she sees one and this over-the-top and fun way to piece three totally different necklaces atop one another is made for the ultimate cool-girl! Teaming the pearl and shell trend among a leg pendant, creates for the perfect conversation starter!

If we have inspired you to join the layered necklace trend, shop one of our favourites in-store or online today! Shop the Cielo Rose & Amor Necklace by Vanessa Mooney. This is a triple tiered necklace that features two unique charms.

We hope you love the layered necklace trend just as much as we do!

Layered Necklace Trend 2019 | Harry and Gretel 4
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