The 2019 Met Gala Best Dressed

Bella Hadid 2019 Met Gala Look

The 2019 Met Gala Best Dressed

From the likes of the biggest names in Fashion accompanied by our adored A-list celebs, our screens have been invaded by the extravagantly wonderful array of ‘CAMP’, infused attires.

Designers such as Moschino, Thom Browne, Oscar De La Renta and more, perfectly executed this years Met Gala theme, as celebrities walked down the pink carpet, flaunting their extraverted attires.

This years theme, inspired by the 1964 essay written by Susan Sontag named; Notes on Camp, has caused slight controversy as every Met Gala theme, should.

With this in mind, even the most a-list celebs can endure slight fashion-faux-pas. So to save you the trouble of filtering through webpages and Instagram feeds to find who wore it best, no need. As we have collated the best 2019 Met Gala attires, below.

Bella Hadid In Moschino

Bella Hadid Wears Moschino Met Gala 2019 Harry & Gretel

Talk about effortless glam, 22 year-old model Bella Hadid lit up the 2019 pink carpet in her dream-like Moschino bejewelled gown. Walking alongside designer Jeremy Scott, the two caught the eyes of many. From the draped and exaggerated hem to the jewel cut-out detailing. Need not to forget the models stunning pixie-do, and statement jewel earrings.

One word: Breathtaking.

Cardi-B in Thom Brown

Cardi B | Met Gala 2019 | Harry & Gretel |

If you require a group of 10 dress-handlers to perfectly place your gown, then you know you’re doing the Met Gala correctly. In her own rendition to Rihanna’s 2015 ‘pizza dress‘, Cardi-B engulfed the 2019 pink carpet in her overly-exaggerated Thom Brown gown.

Hats off to Cardi-B and Thom Browne, for re-inventing what it means to wear a train.

Quilted, feathered and star-gazing, Cardi-B has earn’t herself a place for Best-Dressed.

Celine Dion in Oscar De La Renta

Celine Dion | Met Gala 2019 | Oscar De La Renta | Harry & Gretel

Our hearts will well and truly go-on, for Celine Dion’s stunning 2019 Met Gala Oscar De La Renta gown and matching head-piece. Talk about oozing old-school glam, the illustrious lady in shimmering tassels, was truly a site one could not miss, to see.

Everything about this look is seamless, perfectly executing the theme. We give this look a 10/10.

Kim Kardashian in Mugler

Kim Kardashian | Met Gala 2019 | Harry & Gretel

In true Kim Kardashian style and following suit from her recent Vogue cover shoot, Ms. Kardashian made a splash on the 2019 pink carpet. Wearing a custom-made Mugler dress, the star alludes to a dip in the sea, and a moment just stepped out of water. Dream like, sheer and well, wet, this look is absolutely to-die-for.

The dress details a stunning and striking plunged v-neckline and dangling crystals. To finish, a smokey eye and wet-glam waves.

We hope you love these looks just as much as we do!

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